Western Te-Moak Shoshone
Design of Necklace to captivate
other eyes
Wesley Allan Shaw
8' inch around neck, 11' inch
length, Ox Black Horn, Woven
millimeter class beads, 2 Ox tube
 N #6  Necklace   $ 90.00   
Onyx Black polished, Crystal,  ,
Agote purple.

N #13 Necklace.....$100.00

White 2 horn, Silver cover,
Turquoise spirit eye, Cristal
2 natural cut, Black polished
onyx, brown antique horn,
silver plate clasp.
N # 12 Necklace  $175     
18" Necklace, Silver Plate
Native American design bead,
4 brown horn beads.
Amber Necklace with
other shades of Amber
creating the 18' Necklace.
Necklace items available to buy at:
2430 North East 13th Avenue
Wilton Manors, Florida 33305

(954) 394 - 4322
For directions of location address
Mother Earth Stones worn to catch the eyes of other and atrack quality spirit world.