7 Energy Points, Healing Colors connecting with
Natural Stone(s)

Mentors the entire night/day

1.      Red/Root: Issues of Feet, Lower Back pain, difficulty with
health issues, Family.

Stone of Red Jade, Red Coral, Red Jasper.

2.      Orange/Genital area: Issues of creativity, writers block,
sexuality esteem.
Amber or a stone of orange, citrine color.

3.      Bright Yellow/Solar Plexus: This is your bodies area of most
energy is released center of the Body healing of stomach pains, this
area is your Sole connector of energy. Protector of your Healthy
Energy cover area with your palm of hand. Prosperity, healthy

4.      Green/Heart: A personal relationship, a business relationship,
new romance, helps transform negative energy to good energy,
depression, anxiety.

Stone of Dark Jade, Jade.

Stone of Rose Quarts helps with strengthening a personal

5.      Sapphire Blue/Throat: Writers block, inner voice to speak-out,
communication, strep-throat, having a better day, self expression,
Teaching Job, Speaker of motivation Job.

Stone of      Turquoise,         Sapphire.

6.      Purple/ 3rd eye or Intuition: The all Seeing Eye connecting to
spirit energy, Meditation, “insight to all”, children’s nightmares,
helps transform negative energy to positive energy with an example
of the Waiter or Waitress Job.  

Stone of Amethyst.

7.      Bright White/Crown: The strongest for spirituality, Balance to
all 7 energy points, magnifies spirit energy such as a prism.

Stone of Clear Crystal, Diamond, Pearl.
Natural Energy Stone (S)